Supports & Services

We are providing Supports and Services ;

  • Koha Consulting Services
  • Library Consulting Services
  • Koha Implementation Services
  • Koha Hosting and Support Services

Why Needs Support – different libaries have a different needs, and we only charges for the support you need.   Sometimes you only need support once in two months, then why you must pay or sign for yearly support ? What we offer is to ;

  • Saves your time and money
  • Someone to turn to if there’s a problem

Services Includes ;

  • Data migration/conversion and verification from CDS/ISIS, EXCELL or any other ISO 2709 compatible software
  • Data cleaning & refining and testing & verification
  • Tags, Fields and Subfield fixing and checking
  • Retro Data Migration and Conversion for any types of Library
  • Catalog Records Inputing
  • Barcode labels printing & sticking
  • Spine label printing & sticking
  • Integration with any others application/system ; RFID, Document Management System, Reporting etc